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Apartments-Salt Lake City

Luxury Apartment List for Corporate Relocation Clients


Downtown- Salt Lake City


Millcreek/ Holladay

Cottonwood Heights

Pinnacle Highland  

Budget Option:

Royal Farms  

Sandy City



South Jordan

Affordable Housing

***Please note rates on these sites are not always accurate, nor are additional fees always noted.  If you are approved for lease services your Realtor will gain accurate lease rates, other fees, and availability dates, as well as schedule showings at a time convenient to your schedule. Your Realtor will drive you to each community to help you gain a greater knowledge of each area. Your Realtor will also determine which properties will accept your pet. ***

Links to Search Independently Leased Condos, Townhomes, and Single Family Homes.


***Please note the standard lease agreement for Utah leans in the favor of the landlord/owner. Your Realtor is the best reference to find options which will fit your needs, and to negotiate your lease agreement and potential lease break for early termination of lease agreement.   For your benefit send any links of interest to your Realtor who will set up showings at a time which meet your schedule requirements. If your HR Director has approved services as part of your relocation package there is no charge for this service.***

Your Realtor will also have additional property management companies and their personal network to search through on your behalf.    

  • Please note that due to Utah's high family population that independent lease agreements average 12 or more months.  Independent lease agreements are defined as: condos, townhomes, and single family homes owned and leased by an individual as opposed to a corporation.   

  •  Furnished Corporate Housing Options are limited in Independent Lease Agreements and rent at a premium (typically speaking $2000 - $4000 per month or more).  These options are largely found in Downtown Salt Lake and the immediate surrounding areas.  However, there may be other opportunities depending upon the time of year and rental market.

  •  The Park City Independent Long Term Lease Market (3 plus months) is limited in the winter months as these rentals demand high nightly rental rates in prime seasons. When long term options are found the market supports premium rates. 

  • Short Term and Long Term, and Furnished and Unfurnished Lease Opportunities area available through a number of Luxury Apartment Communities in Downtown Salt Lake and throughout Salt Lake County.  Furnished Turn Key Rates average from $100 - $150 per night, but may run higher depending upon time of year, availability, and location. Unfurnished options run significantly less.

  •  Some renters may prefer to rent furnishings as opposed to renting a Turnkey Rental, as this may save cost.  If this is of interest please visit  for options. 

  •  Luxury Apartment Communities have a restricted breed list for dogs, which do include huskies.  Most property management companies managing Independently Leased Properties also abide by this list.  If you have a dog on the restricted breed list please visit for Reputable Boarding Options.  This facility and the people here have a good reputation for providing caring service towards the pets boarded here. If boarding is not an option please speak with your Realtor about expediting your home purchase.

  •  Your Relocation Package may or may not offer lease services.  Speak with your HR Director to find out.  There are many services which can ensure your feel good about your lease or home purchase, including the area tour designed to help you gain familiarity with different cities and communities, local culture, and conveniences. Click here for a List of Relocation Services Offered.    

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