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About Us

The Salt Lake Local Real Estate Group – Our Four Pillars 


The mission of the Salt Lake Local Real Estate Group is to assist and support our clients in settling into housing and neighborhoods which provide opportunities for their lifestyle needs and a sense of connectedness with their greater community. Housing is not a mere investment of brick and mortar – but a harvesting ground for cherished memories, a canvas for creativity, and a space to establish a deep sense of beauty, security, and human fulfillment. 

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Community Connection

The Salt Lake Local Real Estate Group provides opportunities by way of community gatherings and events which will enrich our client’s lifestyles, allow the forging of new friendships, and support the feeling that they are integrated and welcome into their greater community.

Education / Home Sustainability

The Salt Lake Local Real Estate Group is committed to sustainable homeownership, by way of keeping our clients informed on economic policies, financial methodologies, and green initiatives which provide increasing freedom and autonomy in home ownership.

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Local Business Support

The Salt Lake Local Real Estate Group is passionate and committed to the promotion of our local business owners by way of videos and social media exposure - those who are the backbone of our communities, and offer opportunities for deeper human connection, creativity, authenticity, innovation, and those who are the mirror of resilience and grit.  

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